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Sohnschaft-James JordanSohnschaft von James Jordan. Die prophetische Offenbarung der Sohnschaft breitet sich in unserer Zeit wie eine Flutwelle auf der ganzen Welt aus und stellt den Platz der Liebe des Vaters im christlichen Leben wieder her. Der Vater liebt dich und hat dich, unabhängig davon, ob du ein Mann oder eine Frau bist, zur Sohnschaft berufen. Jesus kam, damit du diese empfängst und beständig erleben kannst, wie der Vater Seine Liebe in dein Herz ausgießt – die selbe Erfahrung in der auch Jesus beständig lebte. – Erlebe die Liebe des Vaters, so wie Jesus sie erlebte – Lerne etwas über die Zentralität deines Herzens, in allen Aspekten deines geistlichen Lebens – Entferne die Hindernisse in deinem Leben, die dich zurückhalten die Liebe des Vaters zu empfangen – Begreife Gottes überwältigenden Plan der Errettung für die Menschheit – Finde die Ruhe, welche die Bibel jedem Gläubigen verheißt – Genieße die übernatürliche Freiheit, die den Söhnen und Töchtern Gottes zur Verfügung steht. “Ich habe das Gefühl, als ob ich zum allerersten Mal in meinem Leben verstanden habe, was das Evangelium wirklich ist. Es ist die Geschichte eines Vaters, der Seine Kinder verloren hat und sie ganz einfach wieder zurück haben möchte… Ich freue mich auf den Tag, an dem wir sehen werden, wie Seine Söhne und Töchter in den vollen Ausdruck ihrer Freiheit hineinkommen, sich aus jeder Nation erheben, die Person, Natur und Werke des Vaters ausdrücken, und wie Jesus durch diese zerbrochene Welt gehen.” – James Jordan

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Sonship by James Jordan. Discover what the Gospel is really about.The prophetic revelation of Sonship is sweeping around the world today like a groundswell in the ocean, restoring the place of the Father’s love in the Christian life. The Father loves you, and whether you are a man or a woman He has called you into Sonship – living in a continuous experience of His love pouring into your heart in the same way that Jesus himself experienced. This is what Jesus came for you to receive!


Ancient Paths

The Ancient Road Rediscovered by James Jordan.

Something is calling to us from the Ancient Paths…

While many of us have known about God’s love, it is quite another thing to actually live enjoying that love. To experience love, the state of our hearts is crucial, as the wounded-heart will become a blockage, because we can only experience love from our hearts.

Today we are living in a significant time in history where God is revealing himself as ‚Papa‘ Father to the world in unprecedented ways, restoring deep into people’s hearts the Father’s Love in our broken & fatherless world. We are discovering our prophetic destiny as beloved sons and daughters who can walk with the same freedom – from earthly and physical limitations – as Jesus did, who showed us we can also be free from all fallen human limitations as he was.

In The Forgotten Feminine, Denise Jordan offers a prophetic perspective that has long been forgotten in the history of Christianity. She clearly and passionately presents the fuller understanding that God is both masculine and feminine and that we are created fully in His image as male and female. She shows us that the war being waged by the enemy against femininity is for a very specific reason, that is, to destroy the image of God. She teaches us about God’s mothering heart to comfort and nurture His children. This book is timely and relevant, as God is beginning to pour His love into the foundations of the Church as it was in the beginning. It is written in a fusion of theology, story and reflection to bring a deeper revelation of God to the human heart.

Falling from Grace

Falling from Grace into Grace and Being Caught by the Father, is the story of Trevor Galpin’s journey into the amazing revelation that God is his real Father and that he is his son. It charts the years leading up to that discovery and how he struggled to face the issues of his life that had prevented him from coming to this place of rest and joy. This is a book for all who face the „stuff“ of their lives and wonder if there is any hope or future for them. This book will give you hope and the security that comes from discovering who you are a beloved child of God and that he is your real Father too. „In this book Trevor has been extremely transparent in his pathway in this life we call Christianity. He has faced himself. He lost everything including reputation, the most freeing thing to lose. He lost all security and many of his friends. He lost himself and his calling and destiny in ministry. It is a great source of satisfaction and joy to me to have been able to play a part in the redemption and restoration God has done in Trevor’s life. God’s calling and gifting are never taken away by Him! I highly recommend this book to you and know many will find great encouragement in it.“ James Jordan, Founder and Director of Fatherheart Ministries.

Jesus and His Father

Jesus and His Father by Trevor Galpin. This book explores the way Jesus revealed God as his Father and the implications of this truth for each of us. We tend to read the Gospels as historical biography but in reality they were four different accounts of the same events. The four authors of the Gospels collected their information from in some cases their own personal experience but also from conversations they had with Jesus‘ family and friends who were eye witnesses to the events described. This book is a collection of stories. The stories of fourteen eyewitness to the life and work of Jesus the carpenter’s son from Nazareth. They range from Mary from Magdala to Simon the Terrorist, from Thomas the Twin to Salome, Jesus‘ Aunt. They all met him, in some cases grew up with him, talked with him and in those conversation discovered and heard incredible truth about God. The eye witnesses individually would not have seen the big picture. It was the Holy Spirit who superintended the whole process as the Gospel writers put all this together in their individual accounts. Each story in the book includes details about what we know of these people and the stunning truth that Jesus revealed to them about his Father.

FatherHistoryFinding the Father in the Story of the Church by Trevor Galpin. 
Since the very beginning of the Church Christians have taught and believed that God was revealed by Jesus as Father. Over time they came to define this in their creeds. Yet sadly in many ways the knowledge of God as a real and personal father was lost to the vast majority of the church. Along with this many other personal aspects of Christianity were lost to ordinary people as the centuries passed by. In the last few hundred years however a change began to take place as key biblical truth was rediscovered by people. This has reignited life into a moribund church. This book follows a journey through 2000 years of the history of the church looking at how generation after generation the church lost key biblical truth including the knowledge of God as a loving father. The author then charts the restoring of this forgotten truth back to the body of Christ right up to the present day. It’s primary focus is the revelation of God as Father that is becoming widely talked about and taught in the church today, to the rediscovery of sonship and how this results in us living as sons and daughters.

Primal Hope by Stephen Hill.
Are you exhausted by sacrificial living and pursuing God? Are you tired of searching to find fulfilment in your relationship with God? Are you looking for a Christianity that really works? This book is provocative and radical. But it will liberate you and bring you into hope that the Christian life does not need to be lived by your effort or energy. God Himself is the Initiator and Energiser of Christianity. Christianity is the life and love of God. The only thing that can set us free from guilt and condemnation is experiencing the substance of the Father’s love. Primal Hope: – shows that coming to the end of our striving can be the start of true freedom. – sets out the real difference between religion and Christianity. – injects us with hope that we can live confidently in our relationship with God.

John: A Prophetic Commentary. Stephen Hill’s commentary on the Gospel of John is rich with prophetic insight on the Father’s love. In it, he expands our understanding of Trinitarian Love and its role in creation, incarnation, sanctification and ultimately its cosmic ramifications. Yet, while exploring these profound subjects, he invites us into personal contemplation and experience of that Love. Written from a deep realisation of sonship in his personal life, Stephen’s work will broadcast the seeds of sonship into many an orphaned heart! – Ed Piorek – Author and Speaker. “

Stephen speaks and writes with a prophetic edge that can, at times, be so sharp that we might reel from its intensity. He challenges many accepted ideas and popular teaching perspectives that we have accepted for long years, exposes them in the light of greater revelation from the Word of God, and then presents the truth in simple and obvious one-liners that is honestly joyfully wonderful. – M. James Jordan – Founder of Fatherheart Ministries, Author and Speaker.

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