Zwei Adams

IntimacyBy John MacDonald

Adam walked in the garden with his father and by doing so he revealed the determination of the entire humanity. Unfortunately, then came the sin between. For this reason Jesus came (also referred to as the second Adam) to lead us back to back to our determination. Jesus just as Adam walked with God in an intimate community as His Father's Son.

Both Adam knew God in a very close and personal way as their father, just as it was God's intention from the beginning. Dann wurde Adam im Garten Eden durch die Sünde verändert, his father remained of it but unbeinträchitgt. God did not change! For this reason, never His purpose for our lives have changed.

Our lives will be changed and we will begin the same way as Adam, and just as Jesus, mit Gott im Garten zu wandelen, once we learn to the love of our Father to open our hearts and to live with Him in intimate Gemainschaft as His children.

(Note: John MacDonald is the founder of Fatherheart Scotland, which he and his wife Fiona MacDonald forwards. Both actively support the work of Fatherheart Germany in Germany.)

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