James Jordan

„The father waited thousands of years would on the day you come into this world. When you were born, he celebrated this day, because He knew you long before you wast formed in the womb. He longed for the day when if your mind would finally receive the revelation, It is true that your father, like every father says on the day that his child for the first time it ‚Potato!‘ calls. God the Father has thousands of years of waiting, that you raise your eyes, Look at him and shout out from the depth of your heart to Him, ‚Potato‘!“

„Ich fokussiere nicht auf die Frucht in meinem geistlichen Leben. In other words, I'm not trying to lead productive lives. The attempt to be productive exerts too much pressure on our lives. Come to rest in the Father's love, however, is the place where he can be productive by us.“

„One of the greatest needs in our life that we are created for love of a perfect Father. Anything below this will automatically create pain in our lives.“

„The person you were created to be, is the person who you were Adam and Eve had never sinned.“

„Weakness to take brings greater security than trying to be perfect.“

„If your heart hurts you're going to have a hard time resting.“

‎“Our ministry is to reveal God as Father, not to do things for God.“

"Do you know, lost the gospel is basically nothing more than the story of a father of his children and has everything he needs to reclaim it is. "

„Someone once said to me, ‚James, it seems as if you think that the love of the Father is the solution to every human problem.‘ I think that really? And, I believe that with all my heart.“

„Es geht im christlichen Glauben darum, dass Gott dich liebt und möchte, dass du in der beständigen Erfahrung Seiner Liebe lebst. That's what it is in the Christian faith.“

„Wenn jemand fähig ist dich zu kontrollieren oder zu manipulieren, then Jesus is not Lord over this part of your heart.“

„If someone you tampered with it or she controls to love, even if you do what they ask of you, they will not be receiving your actions as love able.“



Florian Berndt

„Reality-Check: Der infernalische und imperialistische ‚Mr.‘ des konstantinischen Christentums hat NICHTS gemein mit Jesu Abba.“

„Can bring about a spiritual experience no sound theology be dangerous and theology brings no spiritual experience useless.“

„Nachdem ich über die letzten Monate ein paar Artikel über Sündopfer Theorien schreiben musste, I was only strengthened in my conviction, that if we really want to be biblical in this area, we should not make excuses theological, sondern die Verantwortung für gewalttätiges Handeln bei denen suchen sollten, which attracted even the apostles for responsible. The fact is: WE killed CHRIST, His ABBA brought him back from the dead! So lasst uns aufhören das Böse der Gewalt dem EINEN zuzuschreiben den die Schrift als LIEBE bezeichnet!“

„Not so much trying to fill your mind with knowledge. Instead, fill your heart with love and all the knowledge you need will come to you.“

„Religion tries to motivate us through fear. The gospel motivates us through love. Wisdom helps us to recognize the difference.“

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