Father Heart B-schools

What is a „B-School“?

Building on the A-School experiences, you are in this week's biblical teaching units, give testimonies and personal time with God possible, to be able to continue to grow in the life of the son and daughter of God. Some content to:

  • Life in the sonship.
  • Release your identity and authority as the son and daughter of God through the love of the Father – divorced from performance and commitment.
  • The eyes of the heart – new facets of life, experience of love and freedom.
  • Reconciliation and consolation for hurtful life experiences.
  • to be loved and in the „first love“ live.
  • And much more! 

Die first German Father Heart B-School will take place from 4. to 10. September 2020 inCraheim, Stadtlauringen, Germanyand is organized by Mark Head and Trevor Galpin directed. Details and registration form you will find under the following link: