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  • Up for our newsletter logs and thus information regarding conferences, Seminars and schools will receive and pass on. Just send us an email if you wish the.
  • You on our Facebook Website logs.
  • Us in your community, Your home group or your network for a service, A conference, a seminar or school invites.
  • Us practically organizing and conducting conferences, Seminars, Schools or missions helps.
  • We support financial.

Die Reise der Sohnschaft ist die beste Reise die man sich vorstellen kann und wir freuen uns diese Reise gemeinsam mit Euch zu bestreiten. Everything we do is only possible through your support and prayers.

Alle finanzielle Unterstützung fliesst in die Weiterführung des Dienstes und wird zur Durchführung von Seminaren, Conferences, Schools and the production of thematic materials used.

Your continued support for partnership, not only the organizational work of Fatherheart Germany, sondern erlaubt es uns auch den Menschen zu dienen, who need a practical expression of God's fatherly love.

Because we not only want to speak about the love of the Father, but also implement them very practical in everyday life with our fellow men, so that they can experience His love and His consolation quite real.

Any form of financial support, egal wie gross oder wie regelmäßig, is so gratefully and with high esteem by us against. For those who have it at heart to support us financially here are our bank details:

Bank: Sparkasse Lörrach-Rheinfelden, Account : Fatherheart Ministries, Account number: 0001087246, Bank code number: 68350048, BIC: SKLODE66XXX, IBAN: DE33 6835 0048 0001 0872 46

Many thanks and blessings Papas!



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