Über Uns

The Perfect Father

Our God is a God of the family (Father, Son and Spirit)! Above all else, he is first and foremost father. That's what he always was, and always wanted to be.

Jeremiah 3, 19: "And I said to you: As I will give you so much love children and the country, the most beautiful Inheritance among the nations! And I said to: Du wirst als dann mich nennen „Dear Father!“ and not depart from me. "

God'd Himself to us as ‚Abba, Father‘ reveal, deep as our dad restore His love in our hearts and lead us to Jesus Christ in our intended place as His beloved sons and daughters, He replaced by our orphans heart with the heart of childhood.

Ephesians 1, 5: "And for the love He predestined us to sonship to Himself, through Jesus Christ, according to the good pleasure of His will. "

We mainly deal with the following topics

  • Get to know God through His Son Jesus Christ as Father.
  • Das Leben in der Dreieinigkeit.
  • God, our true father.
  • The finished work of the Cross.
  • Open our hearts against father
  • The fundamental nature of the Father Heart of God.
  • The heart of an orphan and a child's heart.
  • Life from the grace and the question of identity.
  • The importance of loving forgiveness.
  • Obstacles to the reception of love and thus a healthy spirituality.
  • The mother's heart of God.
  • Father's voice heard.
  • Weakness, the power of sonship.
  • The glorious liberty of the sons and daughters of God.