Children, beware of the idols

Florian Berndt

Father of LightIt was Sunday morning and we had just arrived in worship. One of our friend would guide this morning praise, bevor unser anderer Freund über das Herz der Kindschaft sprechen würde. A successful conclusion to a father's heart conference were blessed at the many and not just profound healing learned, but also received a new perspective on their lives. In view of the previous day, we were all in good spirits come to church and waited excitedly what do würde.Doch Abba this morning further it turned out completely different than planned.

As soon as the church leader came on the scene and tried to summarize the course of the conference, changed the whole atmosphere. Even our friends, and the guests spoke no German, the, noticed the clearly recognizable spiritual difference. Aus irgend einem Grund hatte unser Pastoren-freund sich entschieden das bisher Geschehene in eine andere Richtung zu lenken indem er die Eingangsverse von 1 John 3 quoted and commented:

"Look, what manner of love the Father has bestowed on us, that we are children of God should be called - and so are we! Therefore the world does not know us; denn sie kennt ihn nicht. Meine Lieben, wir sind schon Gottes Kinder; however, it is not yet been revealed, what we shall be. But we know: when He is revealed, we shall be like him; for we shall see him, as it is. And everyone, has this hope in him, purifies himself, wie auch jener rein ist. Wer Sünde tut, also does injustice, und die Sünde ist das Unrecht. Und ihr wisst, that he has been released, so that he might take away the sins, und in ihm ist keine Sünde. Wer in ihm bleibt, sinneth not:; who sins, who has not seen and did not recognize him. " (1. John 3,1-6)

Rather than draw attention to the fact of our identity as children Abbas, he put all the emphasis on, that we must now cleanse us from all sin, so that we would be pure as He (Jesus) is purely. It would be an understatement to say, that the entire spiritual atmosphere from that moment tipped.

The only good thing about it was, that most of the conference participants were no longer present and the Sunday morning church service was attended mainly by members of the community. Even the praise of our friend and his subsequent testimony contributed their part to, that some of the visitors were still blessed by the subsequent message.

But let's put this story in itself aside. Because the question remains, of which John speaks in this passage? Let's look at the beginning and end of the letter to. Here we read the following words:

„What was from the beginning, what we heard, what we have seen with our eyes, what we have looked at and touched with our hands, vom Wort des Lebens – und das Leben ist erschienen, and we have seen and testify and proclaim to you the life, which is eternal, which was with the Father and has appeared to us -, was wir gesehen und gehört haben, we proclaim to you, that ye also fellowship with us; und unsere Gemeinschaft ist mit dem Vater und mit seinem Sohn Jesus Christus. Und das schreiben wir, so that our joy complete sei.Und this is the message, we have heard from him and declare to you: God is Light, und in ihm ist keine Finsternis. When we say, that we have fellowship with him, and walk in darkness, so lügen wir und tun nicht die Wahrheit. Wenn wir aber im Licht wandeln, as he is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus, his son, cleanses us from all we say Sünde.Wenn, we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us. Wenn wir aber unsre Sünden bekennen, He is faithful and righteous, to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.“ (1. John 1,1-7)

We read here so, that the message, who heard the first apostles of Jesus, said, that God is light,, and that there is no darkness in Him. James also writes in this connection:

"Do not be deceived, my dear brothers. Alle gute Gabe und alle vollkommene Gabe kommt von oben herab, von dem Vater des Lichts, in which there is no variation change of light and darkness. He has given us new birth according to his will by the word of truth, that we may be of firstfruits of his creatures. " (James 1, 16-18)

The pun is the one here uses, is that of a rotating planet. In other words, Gott hat keine dunkle Seite. John also writes about, that if we live in the light of the goodness of the Father - the love which He has bestowed on us - we will fellowship with the Father and the Son, and have and know each other, that we are cleansed of our sins in the blood of the Lamb. So, each of the hope has to be like Him so, which applies to all, which have known and believed the true nature of God (1. John 4, 16) and for this reason, receive the love and child, which the Father has poured out on us all and proved (Lukas 6, 27-37; Acts 17, 26-31) cleans up simply on this way as Jesus is.

John writes in his letter, that we love because Father has loved us first (1. John 4, 19) and in his Gospel, that we live as children of God if we keep His commandments (John 14, 15). Jesus 'commandment' in this context is, that we remain in His love, so wie Er in der Liebe Seines Vaters bleibt und dann einander mit Seiner Liebe – welche wir offensichtlich zuerst empfangen – lieben (John 15, 9; 13, 34).

In other words, when we see how truly He is, then we will be like Him, because we recognize our true identity in the light of His true identity (1. John 3). Not to see Him as He really is, Accordingly, it is still in sin (das Ziel unseres Daseins und unserer wahren Identität zu verfehlen) to live (and we remember, that humanity was created in God's image), because we continue to believe the lie of the serpent about our father and ourselves (1 Moses 3).

Obviously we can not cleanse ourselves of our failure. Ansonsten hätte Jesus nicht für uns sterben müssen – und in Seiner Person und Seinem Werk wurde uns allen die immer währende Liebe und Vergebung des Vaters bereits zuteil (2. Corinthian 5, 19-21). From what exactly we purify ourselves so if we walk in the light of God's fatherly love? The key is to concluding words of John's letter:

"Children, beware of idols. " (1. John 5, 21)

In other words, keep away from false images of God, the message of Jesus contradict 'about His Father. Denn nur He knows the Father really (Matthew 11, 27; John 1, 18). That is why Paul instructs us to any edifice, that resist the knowledge of Christ (bezüglich Seines Vaters) demolish rises (2. Corinthian 10, 3-5).

By us try even of our failure – anstatt von den Götzen, die unser falsches Gottes- confirm and self-image – to clean, because we hold on to an image of God, das uns vom Vater Jesu Christi fernhält, we worship an idol (a false image of God) and to denigrate the sacrifice of God's Son for us (see the Hebräerbrief). Because, in the words of my friend Other Rabe: "Each god does not look like the Abba of Jesus', hat seine Wurzeln nicht in der Theologie sondern in der Mythologie.“ That is why I would like this product with the closing remarks of Brennan Manning's autobiography Everything from grace break up:

"John, the disciple whom Jesus loved, finished his first letter with these words: 'Children, guards you from idols. 'In other words,, Keep yourself away from any God you can understand. Abbas love is incomprehensible. I repeat it again: Abbas love is incomprehensible. "

(Note: Florian Berndt is one of the founders of Fatherheart Ministries Germany, a group of German and English-speaking Christians who were infected by the revelation of the Father. Fatherheart Ministries Germany is part of the Fatherheart World Netzwerkes.)

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