Fatherheart Community

Life as a father sons and daughters is a real and honest experience, which entails all the occasions of everyday life, in which we open ourselves to His love. Thus, not only the wonderful surprises are meant, where we enjoy, but also the brokenness, which we all share with each other and cause His mercy to us.

Therefore we want to live authentically in the love of our Father, by encouraging each other, the gift of His loving and living near, to receive in every aspect of our lives, and His divine embrace more and more to become aware.

To realize this, we want to deny this journey together, to learn from each other to live in the depths of our hearts. Out of this desire creates a lively community of Christians, from different spiritual traditions and backgrounds.

Through contemplation and spiritual guidance so we want as a close companion, receptive, awaken and develop trusting and awareness for the love of the Father in our daily lives.

As such, we do not see ourselves as a denomination, but as traveling together community, who share their lives with each other, fully aware of our own failures and our brokenness, but certainly completely, that we are safe in the embrace of the Father.


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  1. I long so much then,
    Finally, the love of the Father
    Really get to know and
    Request for more info

    Klaus Schubert
    In the vineyard 7
    79361 Sasbach

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