Spiritual Awakening

Florian Berndt

Earth in Father's Hand

Soon a wave of spiritual awakening on this planet will sweep the unprecedented challenge everything the shadows and reveal the Father's heart for His beloved creation on a deeper way. The result of this will be a deep heart relationship with our Heavenly Father and our brother Jesus Christ.

Over the centuries there have always been spiritual renewals in which the body of Christ of lost truths were restored. In the time of the Reformation, we discovered, for example, brand new that healing and restoration through faith in Jesus Christ in our lives is possible, and around the turn of the century, the truth was that the power of the Holy Spirit is still available for us to be restored to a very large scale.

This spiritual awakenings have led to an increasing awareness of heaven on earth, and with each wave of the Spirit are the expectations and the hunger for more increased. The upcoming spiritual awakening is also freely translated by the revelation of His heart for His suffering children a new wave of God's presence in this world and surpass all expectations.

The longing of the creation itself will be satisfied and God's true character and His true nature will be revealed in unprecedented fashion. Christians will give up hope consuming legalism and religious traditions which are not founded on the testimony of the Spirit Christian and join the agenda of the sky.

This agenda is that every person in God's creation a life-changing Abba, Parent relationship sneezed with their Creator. Only if we can we live with our Father in such a heart-relationship actually receive His heart for this Creation.

(Note: Florian Berndt is one of the founders of Fatherheart Ministries Germany, a group of German and English-speaking Christians who were infected by the revelation of the Father. Fatherheart Ministries Germany is part of the Fatherheart World Netzwerkes.)

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