(If you have it on your mind Your experience ever with the Father's love to share with us and to encourage others by, Just send us a line and we will publish them here then anonymous. For us, it's always encouraging to hear what father in the lives of people who are doing work with us on the same journey.)

As John taught us the question, PAPA why the Adam probably only created, as everything else was created, and He rested from His work, we found out later, that none of those present had come to Johns reply. It came as such a surprise and overwhelming, that my core was shaken as. I could only cry. Incomprehensibly, His love for me!!! Allowed me more and more familiar with their. While I cut my ältesteten son - also of the prodigal son - passed, ran the CD by John Nuttall "Fathers Love 2", He was so touched, that he was almost in tears ran. We were then interrupted unfortunately. He can not cry in years. When we at the end of the seminar have not had the opportunity, to open our hearts to PAPA, I could lie down in Clare's arms in tears and let go of old received, from His Heart. Back at my place, I got such an urgency, me again to open and into the arms of a man, in the case in John's arms, drop. It was, as if I had broken through an ancient wall. God gave it to additional, prophetically speak to me by John, what then tags on it in decades-ago revealed, thereby healing began to move. – A. K.


I think back to the Father's heart-A school in Rheinfelden, which still fills me with astonishment and happiness. For me it was almost like a second conversion experience, to learn with the heart, that Heavenly Father is personally my strong dad for me. Many Bible passages I now read with different eyes and it goes on ...
Thank you again to all of you for everything! – A.G.


"I just have to take as real testimony of the Father's love for me has become during the week. In the past I had a habit of constantly accuse me, even in relation to my past. But this week brought a real breakthrough for me. The revelation of the Father, mediated by Bible-based teaching and healing prayer, said to me in the depths of my being, and showed me how much the Father loves me. I read the Bible now with brand new eyes, overwhelmed by the love of my father.

Also, I was overwhelmed by the incredible depth of love, the support of the community and that I could learn in a group, and only increased in the course of the week. " – J.B.

„What I have seen the Father Heart Seminar: As we should imagine, that our mother is standing in front of us and we should forgive her, I had tears in my eyes – my mother was only a few weeks ago (in a good old age) died. I was so busy, to „check“, if I had really been a help to her in the last few months of care (we, my children had visited her every day at the nursing home), I forgot everything around me. As places suddenly from behind a strong hand on my shoulder – was very comforting – and I still think: Wow, pray for the team in such moments for the people, amazing. I went with the help of God came to an end with my prayer during the hand all the time was on my shoulder, and as I said was very comforted, that there is probably someone pray with me. When I turned around, to see, who that was, there my son, who had also participated in the seminar with his fiance and accidentally sat behind me, in front of me and smiled at me: Of course I have prayed for you, you're my mother! How wonderful that God had arranged! I saw him in her arms with joy; The next generation is already there and takes over. We have a good daddy!“ – H.G.

IF testimony„Ich bin überwältigt, wie Gott Vater, Gott Sohn und der Heilige Geist gemeinsam wirken. Diese Woche mit John, Florian und Clare und allen anderen war gewaltig. Meine anfänglichen Startschwierigkeiten….denn du wirst auch zwischen den Einheiten auf einige Dinge (ge-)stossen… wurde Papas Plan für jeden auf besondere Weise erlebt. Heilung, Wiederherstellung und Erneuerungen lässt Gott durch seine Liebe fliessen. Mein Herz wurde sehr berührt, als ich meinem Verstorbenen, leiblichem Papa einen Brief schreiben sollte, nein durfte, mit allen guten Dingen, die ich mit ihm erlebt hatte. Ja…dachte ich…da kommt ja nicht viel zusammen und doch staunte ich sehr, als der lange Brief geschrieben war und Gottes Heilung auf einmal fliessen konnte. Ich habe ein Bild gehabt und gemalt, welches beschreibt, was in dieser Zeit passieren kann…..gottes Liebe bricht die Mauern vor deinem Herzen, damit seine Liebe DICH wieder ganz neu erreichen kann, um zu heilen, wiederherzustellen und zu erneuern. Danke für diese Woche! Freue mich auf die B School.“ – I.F.



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