Die Coming Reformation

Von Trevor Galpin

RheinI had the opportunity this week to a father's heart school in Rheinfelden (Baden) to speak. The town lies on the banks of the Rhine, against the Swiss city with the same name. The school itself was in turn in an old fortress called Castle Beuggen, along the river bank instead. This ansehliche old castle is now used by the Evangelical Church as a conference center. Every day we gathered in a room in the old part of the castle for the individual units of the school. The window sash from the 14. Century enabled the views of the dark water flowing over the Rhine from three different perspectives, and this Abnschitt the river flows fast and deep.

The old archway of the castle is the date 1543 written. The palace has therefore probably may observe various historical events over time. In 16. Century, the area around Rheinfelden a focus reformatory zeal and teachings of Martin Luther, said that it was only possible through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ to know God. The Reformers taught, that Jesus came into our world, because Father loves us so much, that he himself would like to have a personal relationship with us. Our broken and twisted human nature, however, made this impossible for us, and we found ourselves lost and alienated from His love. That is why Jesus came to us for the way to a relationship with his father to open, by dying on the cross and restored the lost connection between us.

This message was then picked up by many people in the area around Rheinfelden. A large number of these people wanted to worship God free from the limitations of the established churches and the control of religious legalism. They were known as the Anabaptists, because they rejected infant baptism, among other things, and taught, that faith is a personal act miteinschloss, which consisted in baptism and believer. This happened when a person was baptized by their own decision in water, and not by the decision of the parents as a baby. This included a complete immersion in water.

In the terrible religious wars of the 17. Century, hundreds of Anabaptists refused to abandon their beliefs, and were then tortured and executed by drowning in the Rhine near Castle Beuggen. Their tormentors called this the, Baptist baptism '!

During the flow of the castle where we were holding the Father's heart flowed past school, I became aware that we are in the process of further reformation. This reformation includes a fresh realization of the God of us all, including the relationship which He Himself as Father, Son and Spirit, and shares with us as His sons and daughters, would pull in.

I had no intention of hiding in the Rhine, neither for my Überzeugunge, even to bathe in it, but I dive into this wonderful, fresh revelation and love, while I try to capture all their depths.

(Note: Trevor and Linda Galpin sind wahre Apostel der Offenbarung des Vaters und reisen jährlich um die Welt, um Seine Liebe in den Nationen weiterzugeben.)



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