The place of contentment

By James Jordan

Father's RevealingThe longer I live in this revelation of the Father, the more will feel like a complete renovation of the Christian faith is necessary consciously. For a long time we had a faith which, unfortunately, very focused on what we have to do, and it is not who God is and what He has done! For this reason, many of us still wear around the ballast of a false gospel with us. Because we were just too often preached what we should do from our own initiative out, anstatt dass man uns davon erzählte was Gott aus His Initiative has already done.

For example, many have received from taught, that God has blessed us just why, so that we in turn are a blessing to others. The truth is, however, easily, that we are blessed by God because He loves us and He longs to bless us just after. In other words, very often we were presented a gospel in which we have to work for God – I can tell you from personal experience, however,, that this will ultimately lead you into the complete brokenness and ruin. Deshalb lassen auch immer mehr Christen eine solche Ausdrucksform ihres Glaubens hinter sich und springen ab von dem Hamsterrad des niemals endenden Versuches für Gott zu arbeiten und Ihm gefallen zu wollen.

Because in the Christian faith, there is ultimately only one thing: God loves you and He wants you continuous in the experience of His love alive. That's the whole purpose and meaning of the Christian faith. When we realize this, then we come into the experience of a quiet, of satisfaction and inner peace into, which are so contagious, that people are simply touches only of what we radiate and who we are. For this reason, we see in our day a complete renovation, eine Reformation, and a restoration of the Christian faith, the, I believe, genauso bedeutungsvoll wie the Reformation itself is.

(Note: James Jordan is the founder of Fatherheart Ministries International. James erstes Buch ‚Sonship – Eine Reise in das Herz des Vaters‘ kann durch uns bezogen werden.)

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