A public letter of apology

Florian Berndt

SorryI would like to begin this letter with a warning. Lately, I became more and more overwhelmed by the incredible attention to us our father, the Abba of Jesus, brings to every moment of our lives. Who know me already longer those of you, know how this love has not only radically my theology but also my life and my relationship to the head. The Bible took on greater dimensions and the absolute joy of being accepted was sometimes for days- or weeks in huge waves over me. It all started to make sense at once. The main result is, I am learning to live increasingly out of my heart and my scissors very little about religious practices. If someone reading this letter, prefers an honest life in the light of the spiritual appearances, so it is better to stop here, to the one who is willing naked and without fig leaves to stand before our Papa. Weiterlesen