Father's Embrace"While many of us have already heard something about the love of the Father, but it is quite another thing to live in this love. The heart of man is therefore of paramount importance, because it is in our hearts that we learn love.

God reveals Himself in our time as ‚Abba, Father‘, renews our hearts in His love as our Dad, and provides our place in creation as His beloved sons and daughters restores, so that we can live like Jesus free from all earthly limitations. "- James Jordan, Gründer von Fatherheart Ministries

Fatherheart Germany ist eine internationale Gemeinschaft von Christen, die von der Offenbarung der Vaterliebe Gottes angesteckt wurden, and as such is part of Fatherheart World.

This community formed itself out of the vision, the revelation of the Father and His love with every nation, jeder Tradition, jedem Volk, und jedem Menschen zu teilen, als auch den Dienst den Dienst von Fatherheart Ministries im deutschsprachigen Raum, and beyond, zu vertreten.

It is our desire, that more and more people are infected by this vision. Deshalb unterstützen wir jede Initiative, die das Verständnis und die Erfahrung von Vaters bedingungsloser Liebe für uns fördert, and helping people just like Jesus as His beloved children to live.

In unserem Glaubensbekenntnis halten wir uns an die zwei von allen Christlichen Traditionen weltweit akzeptierten historischen Glaubensbekenntnisse – the Apostles' Creed and Nicäische creed.